Safeguarding the interests of police officers and professionals in judicial administration

The Finnish Police Federation - Suomen Poliisijärjestöjen Liitto ry (SPJL) - is the largest trade union for police officers and professionals in judicial administration in Finland.

The union has 83 member organisations that together represent the interests of nearly 11,000 police officers, employees working in the offices of jurisdictional districts, and professionals in judicial administration, Finnish Security Intelligence Service (SUPO) and emergency services. Students at police academy can join the union as student members.

The SPJL also cooperates with international police trade unions. The SPJL belongs to the European Confederation of Police (EuroCOP) and the Nordic police union Nordiska Polisförbundet (NPF). The president of the NPF is Jonne Rinne  from Finland.


Contact Details:

Suomen Poliisijärjestöjen Liitto

Asemamiehenkatu 2,
00520 Helsinki, Finland

e-mail: spjl(at)
tel. +358 (0)9 3484 2400


Mr Jonne Rinne
e-mail: jonne.rinne(at)

Legal Counsel:

Mrs Rita Ridanpää
e-mail: rita.ridanpaa(at)

Head of Communications:

Mrs Nuppu Pelevina
e-mail: nuppu.pelevina(at)

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